Motorised Lighting Bars

From community halls to the major performing arts centre of Australia, HME has designed and built motorised lighting bars to meet the most demanding of project specifications. Through our range of standard products to fully customised solutions with varying weight capacities, travel heights, and varying power and data requirements, we can ensure all your requirements are designed, built and installed to the highest quality.

Stage & Orchestra Lifts

Orchestra pit lifts and the ability to move scenery and performers from basement to stage levels has always been a challenge for theatrical engineers. With its team of engineers and affiliations with the world's finest stage machinery manufacturers, HME can ensure that any mechanical project is engineered with style and safety. This expertise also extends to thrust stages and revolves.

Counterweight Flying Systems

The traditional method of flying scenery and lighting equipment above the stage, the counterweight system, is still common today. Using modern components, frictionless cradles, custom manufactured hauling lines and the variety of bespoke hardware, the HME counterweight system provides the best of the traditional theatrical operation with modern design and manufacturing techniques.

The HME counterweight is designed for long-term, trouble-free operation and is perfect for use in a mix system combining motorised elements for lighting and other heavy loads with counterweights for dynamic scenery movement.

Motorised Flying Systems

HME offer a range of powered flying systems to meet a variety of requirements. As the entertainment industry moves away from the more traditional counterweight systems, HME engineers can design and manufacture a motorised system to suit any requirements.

At HME, we can utilise a combination of pile wind, drum, and complex zero fleet and multi-axis hoisting for both scenery and performance flying. All systems can be supplied with a variety of gearbox and brake combinations to meet the most exacting Australian and International Standards in both manufacture and operation.

Cable Management & Energy Chain Solutions

It is imperative that no matter what is being flown or manipulated around the stage, the data and power cabling required for modern complex productions is handled quietly and safely. HME engineers have designed a number of solutions that can be used to protect the integrity of the cabling system ensuring that all lighting and audiovisual components are not compromised by failure of the cabling systems that support them.

From heavy duty military grade connectors to lightweight flexible energy chains, HME can design, supply and install the best of cable management systems available in Australia.