Curtain Tracks

HME has developed its own curtain track system to complement our range of staging products. Focusing on ease of installation, reliability and with the ability to span longer than average distances, HME PROTRACK II is the smart choice for your venue.

Theatrical Curtains & Drapes

When choosing a theatrical drape supplier, it is important to make sure the quality of the finished installation not only meets the client's expectations, but also professional requirements such as the Building Code of Australia, and other specific Australian Standards.

HME can source drapes from a variety of suppliers to ensure the best mix of quality and price. This also ensures the world's safest materials available.

From a one off black curtain to a full set of stage drapes including Mains, Valances, Legs, Boarders, Tabs, Cycloramas and Scrims HME has the knowledge and experience to ensure a quality finish to your performance space.

Acoustic Blinds

In order to address spaces that have multiple and conflicting acoustical requirements HME are able to provide clients with reliable and proven acoustic blinds. Motorised and fully retractable into its own enclosure each blind can be fully customised to suit your size and colour requirements. Acoustic blinds have demonstrated ability to greatly affect the acoustics of your space allowing you to create the optimal environment.