Kinesys LibraRIG

LibraRIG is a lifting accessory, designed and manufactured by Kinesys to connect a 4.75TE LibraCELL shackle to a 3.25 standard bow shackle.

Kinesys LibraCELL

LibraCELL is a load measuring shackle which, when combined with the other elements of the Libra system, produces accurate, real time load information.

Kinesys LibraPRO

LibraPro is the rack mountable power and data hub for LibraCELLs featuring four XLR4 outputs allowing up to 100 loadcells to be monitored. It also features four programmable relay outputs and Ethernet connectivity.

Kinesys LibraWATCH

LibraWATCH is a portable, user-friendly and powerful load monitoring software application that is an integral part of the Libra range; LibraCELL, LibraPRO and LibraWIFI.

Kinesys LibraWIFI

LibraWIFI allows LibraPRO or DigiHoist to broadcast load cell information using Wi-Fi to LibraWATCH. A key advantage of LibraWIFI is its unique design, perfect for using at any live entertainment event. The aerial can be easily mounted onto any truss, maximising the chances of generating the best signal without any limitations.

Kinesys LibraSPLIT

LibraSPLIT permits flexible connection of LibraCELL devices to a single data connector on LibraPRO, LibraBASIC and DigiHoist.

Kinesys LibraBASIC

LibraBASIC power supply offers a simple and cost effective method of powering and monitoring LibraCELLs. When used in conjunction with the LibraView software, data from the load cells can be viewed, grouped and logged easily. A USB socket makes connection very simple.

Kinesys LibraVIEW

Working in conjunction with LibraCELLs, LibraBASIC and LibraPRO controllers, the software enables users to get a live readout of weights placed on LibraCELLs, as well as offering logging and archiving facilities. These are available in kg or lbs.