Kinesys Array PD-ES

Array PD-ES is the perfect marriage of power distribution and emergency stop control. This 6U 19" rack module provides 125A of emergency stop switched power through four 32A three-phase Ceeform outlets.

Kinesys Array Mini-PD-ES

The Array Mini PD-ES provides power distribution and emergency stop in a small form factor. This unit provides 32A of emergency stop switched power through two 32A three-phase Ceeform outlets. Along with power and status indicators, the unit includes Transform 485 functionality providing an interface between Vector or K2 and Elevation 1+.

Kinesys Array IP8

Array IP8 is a rugged 8 port 10/100 Ethernet switch designed to work with Kinesys products. Ethercon connectors on the rear of the unit provide increased protection for 8 x RJ45 connections. Standard RJ-45 connectors can also be plugged into these outputs.

Kinesys Array 485

Array 485 is a 1 in 8 out RS485 distribution unit for use with Elevation1+. The rear panel features 1 in 8 out XLR7 data connections for outputting RS485 data to Elevation1+ units. The front panel offers link, data and emergency stop status indicators as well as the facility to plug a Rigger remote in for local hoist control.

Kinesys Transform 485

Designed to integrate seamlessly into a motion control system these units allow devices on different networks to communicate.? Transform 485 translates between the native Ethernet protocol, outputted by Vector and K2 controllers and the RS485 bus used by the Elevation range via an XLR6.??

Kinesys DigiLink

A DigiHandset link unit that allows multiple handsets to work together to control large arrays of DigiHoists.