Kinesys K2

K2 is Kinesys’ motion control console and employs a intuitive approach to automation programming. The operator uses ‘click and drag’ to move objects on the screen within a 3D world rather than typing positions into a table. This gives instant feedback as to the object’s position in relation to other moving items.

Kinesys Vector

Vector is a versatile software application for controlling and running Kinesys motion control products.

Vector software allows cues to be built and run with a variety of linking options. The amount of cues that can be built and channels that can be controlled are limited only by your imagination.

Kinesys Rigger

Rigger 8, 16 and 24 way handheld controllers offer instant control of the Kinesys Elevation range of products. Designed to mimic industry-standard handheld controllers the Rigger offers an instantly recognisable method of operation with minimal training required.

A Rigger can operate variable speed chain hoists and can be used in place of, or in conjunction with, a computer control system such as Vector or K2.

Kinesys DigiHandset

Digital user-friendly pendant which allows safe fixed speed set up or scenic movements.

DigiHandset has channel selection switches, Emergency STOP, GO and RESET buttons and a simple intuitive display to communicate the status of the controller. As soon as the handset is plugged into a DigiHoist it will begin the auto addressing process. A solid blue status indicator above each channel states that a chain hoist is connected and ready to use.